How to Secure Cloud Storage Safely?

Data breaches are a problem faced by organizations of all sizes. Cloud storage is now tightly integrated with operating systems for desktop and mobile devices, we are all syncing more data to and from the cloud than ever before: photos, videos, documents, passwords, music, etc. Of course, there are many benefits to having access to all your data anywhere and from any device, but it also opens up many opportunities to access to your data. What can you do to ensure that no one has unauthorized access to the data? How to secure cloud storage? Here will list some tips that you should follow to protect your files in the cloud.

How to secure cloud storage effectively?

Use strong passwords

The first step to achieving secure cloud storage is to strengthen your account. If your account has been compromised, not even encryption will be able to secure your data. Therefore, strengthen your account security by using strong passwords. A strong password has at least eight characters, a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. Never create a password for personal information as hackers can easily steal this information. You should also enable two-factor authentication. This tool serves as an additional measure to help secure your login information from hackers. It asks users to confirm their identity twice when they log into their accounts.

Data encrypt

To protect data, you must direct data traffic to a secure cloud provider where data is filtered. Be sure to partner with a cloud service provider that can encrypt your data. Use a cloud service provider that uses data encryption to store your documents, pictures, and videos. Hackers will find it more challenging to attack your cloud storage as a result.

How to Secure Cloud Storage Safely

Invest in an anti-malware program

Data transfer using cloud storage happens over the internet. This is an environment filled with lurking malware and viruses. so you should install a strong anti-malware system on your device. Such programs will help prevent suspicious downloads. Also, make sure to make a backup of your files in case of an emergency such as an offline server. You can also choose to partner with providers that provide data backup solutions. A good choice is NETdepot’s Disaster Recovery Service.

Check files regularly

The great thing about cloud storage is that it allows you to share files easily. Its disadvantage is that it exposes your files to unauthorized access. If rogue users find links to your files, they can easily access them. It’s best to do a file check on everything you’ve shared.  Remove unnecessary shared folders to cut down on access points. For active files, use folder permissions and set an expiration date.

Check your cloud-connected accounts

Hackers attempt to access your cloud storage constantly. If they can’t access your account, they can use other accounts connected to your cloud storage. Therefore, make sure to remove inactive third-party accounts connected to your cloud storage.

Turn on account alerts

Nearly all cloud storage services have the ability to notify you when someone tries to log into your account. In either case, be careful to turn on these features. This will assist you in identifying unusual activity involving your account. Activate features that provide notifications regarding account activity as well.

Update your OS

Most users do not pay much attention to updating the operating system. However, it is very important in limiting malware attacks. These updates contain solutions to system errors that put your cloud at risk. Therefore, update your operating system regularly for better protection.

Use a managed network security service

For better security, consider using managed cybersecurity services. As cybercriminals become increasingly sophisticated, preventing and enhancing cybersecurity is becoming a daunting task. Managed cybersecurity ensures that your network is always monitored and addresses all possible security risks in your network.

How to Secure Cloud Storage Safely

Enable account recovery option

You need to protect your account recovery options and login information well. Make sure they are updated. If you have security questions regarding account access, these should be questions that the people you live or work with (or who are following your social media accounts) cannot easily find.


Cloud storage has made everything easier and more convenient. Make sure you are proactively aware of any activity related to your cloud storage to ensure the security of your files. It’s easy to keep your cloud storage secure, but you shouldn’t depend entirely on your service provider. A few actions on your part will help keep your data safe.

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